Bjork Mutual Core Remix Contest Announced on Beatport

Musicians worldwide finally have a chance to get their sound out to the world with the recently announce Bjork Mutual Core Remix Contest on Beatport. There are only a few days left to submit your remix and the competition seems fierce to say the least.

Here’s our pick for the win.

Buying Facebook Fans Should be Easy, right?

That’s the question posed by this blog author, and it really hits home when you read about his experience just trying to get a few thousand fans. I thought this was especially useful because it goes into detail about some of the more well known sites for getting Fans and mentions a company I had never heard of before ( ) as the final spot to get fans. It’s a good read for sure.

YouTube Views - Real Views from Real People

As I am sure many of you have heard, there is a scourge of bot view providers on the web. I finally found a company that provides 100% real youtube views from real people and still keeps the pricing reasonable. Getting more views on your YouTube video was never as simple as buying them from DarkCloud Promotion. They even support mobile purchases. Check it out.

Meghan Wiggins gets screamed at on Camera by Paul Fisher!

Paul Fisher ( Remodeled ) tells Meghan Wiggins exactly how he feels about her dropping out of school, and it’s not pretty.

Organic Seo

SEO certainly can be a puzzling topic. PPC or Organic? Image SEO or Contextual SEO? Or… Maybe I should do combination of all three? There is a quick breakdown on this site of what SEO is and how it can benefit you. Take a peek.

Singer Songwriter Jennifer Clarke puts the soul in Soulful

We have bookmarked Singer Songwriter Jennifer Clarke a few times here before, but this time is different. Jennifer recently launched a new website that has full lyric sheets for all the tracks, a ton of songs you can listen to for free, and is generally just a really nice experience. We found it to be a breath of fresh air, and we think you will too.

We have also been keeping up with her on Twitter, if you’re into all that :)

Retro-Soul Musician Tara Priya feature on BBC London December 24, 2011

Up and coming star Tara Priya is one of our faves when it comes to Retro Soul Music. A category which many believe faded out with 70’s. We were thrilled to find out that Tara is a feature on a BBC London Radio Show Christmas Eve. If you like that Motown sound, don’t miss out on Tara’s soulful sounds. Here’s a link to a few press releases we found for the event and her YouTube just in case you want to dig deeper.

Everydevil - Episode 4 is OUT!! - Worth the Wait!

Everydevil is one of our favorite online animate shorts. We have been waiting a bit for Episode 4 and it just hit Youtube. So, we thought we should share. Here’s a blurb from the YouTube Video:

Once upon a time, a guy named Barney went to hell. Barney went to work for ‘The Boss.’

"How does a hero handle success? Booze. Pills. Suicide. Of course, if you’re an undead soul salesman working at Hellfire Incorporated…

Check out the video right here:
Don’t forget about the blog either:

Sky Hi Sound Launches New Web Site

With credits from tinseltown that any Sound Production and Motion Graphics company would be proud of Sky Hi Sound steps up to the plate with a fresh, clean, new site to let the world know they mean business.

News on Flipboard - The Alphanewsroom Twitter

iPad users rejoice. Now you can quickly and easily get all the news you could possibly need with EASE using the flipboard app on your iPad ( which is free by the way ) and browsing to the Alphanewsroom Twitter feed. Try it out. You can thank me later.